LIMA — Though they just opened a little over a year ago, LOX Salon and Spa is already rapidly growing.

Its doors first opened at 3037 Elida Road, Lima, in November 2018, offering primarily hair services and a limited number of esthetic services. In February, an expansion opened dedicated entirely to adding to its esthetic services.

“When I opened this salon, I knew I wanted to do a salon and spa, but when I built the salon I kind of ran out of room,” said owner, hairstylist and body sugarist Kym Shaffer.

LOX now consists of 13 independent specialists, which Shaffer and the staff refer to as their LOX family. Its full range of services includes microblading, permanent makeup, spray tanning, manicures and pedicures, lash extensions, waxing and body sugar, massages and hair, which remains its most requested service.

Since expanding, Shaffer said esthetic services are quickly gaining traction with existing and new customers.

“Since we’re all independent stylists, we’re all just trying to help each other out by advertising for each other and whatnot,” she said. “It’s really nice that if you’re a client here of anybody’s, you become a client of the full salon. If you come in to see your person, every single person here will recognize you, and you just become kind of a part of this LOX family that we’ve built, which is really cool for being a bigger salon.”

Salons tend to thrive on that word-of-mouth, so Shaffer said the combination of staff’s closeness but also respective specialties is what has made them so successful so quickly.

“A lot of this industry, word-of-mouth is a really big thing, but that’s the beauty of having 12 other girls here where we support each other,” she said. “All of our clients are becoming a client of almost every single person in here. You’re not only a client of mine, but if you get spray tanned or get a facial, you’re kind of a client of now three or four of us.”

Paige Peterson has been a licensed esthetician with LOX since its opening but felt a rush since its expansion.

“I’ve gotten so much busier because people want to see what it looks like since we’ve been posting all about it for the past couple months,” she explained. “Kym and I were actually sharing a room and working around each other’s schedules, so it’s been awesome because now I have my own room, and it’s like twice the size, and I don’t have to work around anybody else’s schedule.”

Reservations are by appointment and can be made by calling the salon at 567-289-6008.

Facials with licensed esthetician Paige Peterson are one of the many services LOX Salon and Spa hosts in its expanded area, which opened in February 2020.

Reach Tara Jones at 567-242-0511.

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