MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – In the next couple of weeks, clients walking into Salon Gabriel in Myrtle Beach can expect to see a student working on class work at his desk.

Ramona Kelly, who named her hair salon after her son Gabriel, said adding a desk and chair to her salon was her only option this academic school year.

Gabriel, who will be in third grade this year, has his desk set up across from his mom’s styling chair. He’ll use noise-cancelling headphones and dividers will be placed around his desk to help keep him focused.

Kelly had to cut out a day of her usual salon schedule to designate more time to her son’s learning.

“As a single mom you do what you need to for your child,” Kelly said. “I didn’t have an option of ‘Let me send him here. Let me send him there.’ He has asthma so I couldn’t send him anywhere. I had to do with the best that I had.”

Earlier this year, Kelly decided she wanted her own salon which just opened on July 15. She didn’t know that moving into her salon of choice would have this kind of benefit.

“I just thought about it the other day like, ‘Where would I have put him?’ The room [was] smaller. It was a nice size for me to be in there, but to have a child with a desk – there’s no way it would fit in there,” Kelly explained. “You know you look back on things and you say ‘That was meant to happen that way.’ So, this was meant to happen.”

Kelly knows she’s not the only parent making necessary changes for their children this year and she finds hope in the support of other local parents.

Clients at Salon Gabriel are excited to see Kelly’s son and understand the availability changes. All clients are required to wear a mask during their appointments.


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