I can see how people aren’t crazy about this product. It had to grow on me, but I love it now. The biggest issue for me was the price – I tested the product multiple times in Ulta before actually shelling out the $30 to buy it. I have sensitive combination skin and I’m also quite ingredient-conscious (try to stay away from parabens and allergic to common SPF ingredients such as oxy/avobenzone-common sunscreen ingredients, etc), so this looked promising with it’s natural ingredients. I wish this came in a pump, but the tube is necessary to knead and shake the product before applying it, since it can (apparently) separate in the tube. It smells like Froot Loops mixed with dust, but it fades pretty quickly once I put it on. The thing I really do not like about this product is the way it feels when I first put it on – very heavy and greasy. It’s easy to use too much, so I do small dollops at a time on individual sections of my face. It feels gross, really. But I have not had any issue with breakouts AT ALL and the heavy feeling goes away. My natural reaction when I feel the heaviness on my face is to panic, due to so many awful past experiences with heavy moisturizers, but I just have to remind myself that there is no oil and my skin won’t freak out. Sometimes I will dab my face with a tissue before putting on makeup, but it doesn’t make a difference. I do recommend waiting a few minutes before putting makeup on. I’ve had zero problems with breakouts and my existing blemishes seem to heal faster. My face isn’t dry, so it does moisturize, and I really appreciate that it does so without causing a ton of oil. It does have a bit of a sheen/glow to it, but it looks just fine on me (most dewy things make me look sweaty) and I’ve had no problems with sunburn at all and I wear this when I go jogging in the sun during the day. My favorite thing about this product is the safe, natural ingredients. But a very close second is the fact that my makeup looks FLAWLESS over it. It lasts so much longer! I’m a face-toucher, which probably contributes to my blemishes, but my makeup doesn’t move at all, even when I’ve had my hands on my face. I love looking on the mirror hours later and seeing my makeup looking just as good as it did when I put it on (especially my contouring work). That quality erased any doubts I had left about the product. I would have given it 5 lippies, but I’m not crazy about the price (worth it and expected for the ingredients though) and it doesn’t do anything to prevent blemishes. But I can definitely see myself repurchasing in the future, I really like this!

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