JOPLIN, Mo. — One Joplin business owner is hoping for support to reopen her shop by reaching out to the mayor and governor.

Robyn Paul, the owner of Dr. Fly’s Salon, is following all the coronavirus restrictions, which shut down her hair salon more than two weeks ago. While she wants everyone to stay safe, she believes a few extra protective measures would allow her to reopen safely in the first phase of easing restrictions.

Robyn Paul says “We still have to pay our utilities, we still have to pay our overhead and so we really need to get back in and get our doors open.”

Paul points out that hair stylists always have extra scrutiny from the state to make sure they safeguard public health. She also suggests temperature checks for anyone entering the salon, 16 feet of separation between stations, and asking clients to wait in their car until it’s their turn to enter.

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