There was a time not too long ago that working from home was a novel idea practiced by few. The Covid-19 crisis has changed the world in innumerable and as yet unknown ways. The one thing we can be sure of is that working from home is a practice that is here to stay.

One area that is a bit challenging is employee wellness. Is there something like a wellness platform for this situation? Furthermore, is it your responsibility to attend the wellness of your employee who is now working from home? Well, the legalities are understandable vague at the moment, but will surely come in time.

At the moment, the principle should be appealing to an employer as a means of ensuring productivity and morale. It does remain challenging to come up with any specific measures one could take; hence we have compiled a shortlist of emerging off-site employee wellness practices.

Resources For Emotional Wellbeing

Some employees have claimed that the switch to working from home has them living their best life. Others are not doing as well with the isolation. This will depend from person to person, as the current pros and cons of working remotely affect different personality types in different ways.

Regardless of the individual’s tolerance for isolation, many other mental health issues may arise from this type of set up. One of the more significant problems that an employer faces is a drop in morale and along with it, a reduction in productivity. There are companies dedicated to providing psychological assistance to your staff. These companies allow for access to professional advice and counselling, all remotely administered.

Employee Interaction

Companies have been reporting some decent results by way of maintaining employee interaction levels. For the most part, your staff will be interacting a lot less now. There is no reason for finance to speak to your graphic designer, and without the spontaneous interactions of a shared workplace, they never will.

Now everyone knows that too much banal chitchat is a vast productivity leech, so at first this may seem like one of the benefits of remote operations. The problem comes in when your staff no longer think of each other and the company, as a team. The team mentality is not dissimilar to brand loyalty, and it is a vital cog in the wheel of a productive company. The novel and easily implemented solution that many companies are trying out are team ‘check-ins’. These are video conferences between members of disparate departments doing what the name says.

Utilise Team Oriented Project Management

This is another one of those things where the objective is to bring the distinct departments of your company together; creating a unified front. During normal operations, it would not have been necessary to have everyone in the business have a full overview of operations.

It would certainly not have hurt, and this was an approach that was gaining traction before 2020 struck. Now the idea of using projection mapping and management tools to give every member of your team an overview has a couple of proven benefits to employee wellness.

Essentially it creates a sense of impetus, which is a critical factor in the psychological wellbeing of most anyone. The reasoning goes like this: providing a dynamic overview of the company’s operations instills a sense of progress and achievement in a situation where staff could quickly feel disconnected and without clear direction.

Royce Calvin

Royce Calvin

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