His enterprise is the winner of the Thai spa theme boutique for pets and is also known for its 100% organic shampoo and products for pets

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Published 31.08.21, 04:45 PM

Starting a business idea that is a fresh concept for the society in a generation of competition is challenging and yet entrepreneur Hitesh Thawani proved that one can set an example to others even though being a fresher in the industry.

Influencer and entrepreneur Hitesh Thawani is a renowned name in the field of animal welfare care. Thawani started his business 6 years back and yet Precious paws have managed to set a pioneer to others in the industry.

Hitesh and his team run an enterprise that provides spa treatment to tame pets and animals. They are also equipped with a mobile pet grooming assistance where the association provides a complete spa setup to the pet parents in a safe and hygienic modified grooming van along with providing hotels for pets and daycare services.

Hitesh Thawani and his enterprise is the winner of the Thai spa theme boutique for pets and is also known for its 100℅ organic shampoo and products for pets. But along with all of these amazing and mind-blowing deliverables, his federation is the topic of discussion for the therapeutic aids that they provide.

The entrepreneur is a brand identity himself but his association started getting more and more engagement as he introduced Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy for animals.

To give a clear notion

Hydrotherapy is a water therapy aka water cures that is the technique of usage of water, both internally as well as externally, and at altering temperatures, for health purposes. Whereas, essential oil therapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote fitness.

Mr. Thawani addresses that this decision was a well-researched plan, Hitesh and his team had to study, investigate, conduct a survey, review the ideology, ask the experts, train their members, and then come to a conclusion of including it in their menu of services.

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