HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Star Glow Salon was able to save the day for a customer and Hillsborough High School student who lost her handbag more than 200 miles away.

The salon, at 378 S. Branch Road, received a call from a man saying that he found an expensive handbag near Penn State University.

“He said there was a lot of money in that purse and he was anxious to return it to the rightful owner,” said Star Glow Salon marketing person Kranthi Bayya.

The only forms of identification inside the purse were a Hillsborough High School ID card and a Star Glow Salon Rewards Card with a name on it.

He figured the salon might have the customer’s contact details. The manager Manga Reddyreddy recognized the name as a teenage customer whose mom also has been a long-time Star Glow client.

“Within a few hours of first receiving the call at the salon, our customer got back her precious handbag and all the money in it too,” said Bayya. “Just another day in paradise for Starglow! Don’t we all love a happy ending!”

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