Affordable skincare brands are really where it’s at, and with so many incredible ones on the market, when Glow Hub landed on my doormat, I didn’t know what to expect. There’s a new skincare brand popping up every few minutes and often mimicking one that’s gone before it, so I was interested to see what Glow Hub would bring to the table. 

A whole lot, that’s what. I love skincare, obviously. I wouldn’t be here making you read this otherwise, but sometimes it all gets a bit too serious. With complex-sounding ingredients and rules on how much, how often and how to apply, I needed a little injection of joy, and that’s what Glow Hub does best. 

The all-for-under-£12 collection is designed to be personalised, so you can pick the products that work for your individual skin needs. They’re all colour-coded to make things super simple and divided into Calm & Soothe, Purify & Brighten and Nourish & Hydrate—something for every skin need. There’s even a quiz to help you out.

What stood out the most for me as I tried the products was the lightweight formulas, unexpected textures and natural actives. (Plus, everything smells so good.) If you’re looking to switch up your skincare routine for summer and actually have some fun, Glow Hub is the way to go.

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