By Vanessa Obioha

The prospect of losing weight and practising a healthy lifestyle can be daunting sometimes for obese people, particularly when the cost outweighs the motive. A 2018 report by the American online publisher of news and information pertaining to human health and well-being, WebMD, listed cost as one of the factors hindering obese individuals from going on a diet or practising a safe and healthy lifestyle.

According to the report, many overweight persons believe that healthier foods are more costly. The situation is not different in Nigeria where there is a prevalence of obesity among children and young adults.

It is against this backdrop that GetFit, manufacturer of premium waist and belly trimmers recently launched an e-learning platform.

“The online platform is an e-learning platform that teaches how to live a healthy, fit life and how to eat healthily. The rate of obesity is high in Africa and many lack the basic knowledge on how to overcome obesity,” says the CEO, Adekemi Oladipo.

Those who register on the platform will be enlightened on ways they can improve their health and stay fit without breaking the bank. Oladipo also stated that the courses are well-planned to ensure that no tone is left unturned.

When Get-Fit launched a few years ago, it targeted first-time mothers who had difficulty getting rid of the pregnancy weight gain.

“There is this general notion that after childbirth you will lose your body as a mother,” she notes.

In recent months, however, the brand has expanded its objectives. “We decided to expand to everyone who needs to look good and burn their belly fat, Including men.”
While its advent was initially greeted with mixed reactions, the GetFit brand has, over time, recorded an overwhelming acceptance.

“We have thousands of testimonials from our customers across the world to back that up.”

Explaining why GetFit retains its leading position as the favourite brand despite the market being flooded with similar products in the last few years, Oladipo submits: “Our products are custom-made with high, technological driven materials that are very effective, and of high quality. More so, our products are supplemented with secret tips too.

It is inevitable that we would attract the attention of counterfeiters. Some of them even copy our write-up hook lines and use our pictures, but we are fighting them and won’t hesitate to take legal actions against those who infringed on our trademarks,” warns the CEO.

The brand, which has received an avalanche of celebrity endorsements, presently has as its brand ambassadors the trio of award-winning actress Bimbo Ademoye and BBN’s Cynthia Nwadiora (Cee-C) and Natacha Akide (Tacha).

“We chose them for diºfferent reasons unique to each one of them, but majorly they are strong women and smart ladies.”
Oladipo underscores the importance of a healthy, fit lifestyle and trim figure to those in the public’s eye.

“Entertainers can keep fit majorly by buying GetFit and incorporating exercise into their daily routine, especially, if their major aim is to lose body fat generally and not just their bellies.”

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