Dear Readers: Essential oils are oils reduced (concentrated) from and containing the essence of plants such as lavender, juniper and eucalyptus, citrus trees and rose bushes. These oils are used in alternative medicine, for aromatherapy and for meditation.

While therapies involving essential oils may not be science-backed, essential oils are popular today. But what about our pets and essential oils? Let’s exercise some caution.

Essential oils can be poisonous to dogs and especially cats if ingested. Licking the oils can result in tummy trouble. Some people have found success using essential oils for flea and tick abatement, but let’s leave flea and tick remediation to the professional veterinarian.

It’s smart to keep essential oils up and away from your pets.

Dear Readers: To loosen a gummy price tag from a glass or ceramic piece, try a warm hair dryer. This should loosen the adhesive enough to peel off the sticker.

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