Join Tracey Fry (from Additive-Free Lifestyle) and Launceston local wellness advocate Jess Christmas, for this inspirational and educational introduction to essential oils.

Did you know that the average household has around 62 toxic chemicals lurking inside, with around 90% of household dust harmful to breath in.

Come along and learn the effects these toxic chemicals may be having on your health, or that of your family, when exposed to them on a daily basis and let us teach you a range of products you can easily make, with zero toxic ingredients.

Learn the safest way to use essential oils and how to maximize the benefits of them. Improve your quality of life, gain a more restful nights sleep, reduce your exposure to stressful toxins and enhance your moods.

This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to explore natural therapies for the first time. It is also perfect for those wanting to lower their toxic load.

You will leave with a wealth of life-changing information, plus you’ll also receive a welcome gift and a chance to win a range of items made at the event.

Together we will be:

  • Showcasing exactly how to use essential oils, in the safest way possible.
  • Teaching you how to clean without using toxic ingredients, and we will demonstrate how to make some super simple products
  • Helping you create some simple daily habits that will make a massive difference to your health and wellness.

Come along for an inspirational night out. Enjoy a laugh or two, a few nibbles and enjoyable company, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE (must register at checkout)

All ticket donations will go towards the Be-Hers Foundation. This is a charity to raise awareness about sex slavery and help those rescued recover and heal. They are committed to using 100% of profits and donations to fighting slavery and exploitation locally, nationally and globally.

Did you know slavery is at an all time high, the worst it has ever been in the history of time?


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