Scared to usher in the benefits of essential oils? The world is quick to petrify you but don’t place all your interest there. Let it lie in the profits of plant extracts made with supremely concentrated formulas that are great to be used when blended with carrier oils like almond oil, etc. While the arena of aromatherapy has accepted these oils, it was brought to the beauty world with the idea of helping ease your skin and hair from all woes. There’s a cardinal rule attached while using these oils and it has to do with diluting it well with ingredients that suit your skin. Its making goes through a distillation method that can be harsh so the more you adulterate it, the best it will turn out to be when applied topically. 

Have you often come across people who would have asked you to forget the existence of essential oils because of acne? Let’s dive into what will aid acne-prone skin. While you’re not looking to rub salt in the wound, essential oils like tea tree provide attention to acne-prone skin. This particular oil is the most sought-after if you have redness and breakouts, as it is housed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic antimicrobial agents. 

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Rosemary oil is a great add-on to your routine as well if you need a hydrating, skin tightening, anti-bacterial, and glowing goodness to aid your skin health. It is sourced from the flowers of the herb and has more to gloat about like controls excess sebum and alleviates itchiness. 

The super old yet iconic sandalwood soap wasn’t the only good thing this potent ingredient could think of. It’s hopped into the essential oils sphere to not only glow up your skin but also reduce inflammation, fade scars and improve skin texture with the help of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. 


Do you use essential oils? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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