Essential Oils Canada Expands Its Product Line

Essential Oils Canada is an online essential oil distributor that has recently expanded its product line to feature essential oils for colds. Essential Oils Canada provides customers with a wide variety of essential oils to help with sleep, acne, colds, as well as many other life ailments at affordable rates.

Vancouver, BC – Essential Oils Canada is the leading wholesale supplier of 100% essential oils, natural raw materials, and specialty packaging. They originally got their start by carrying a few products from local distilleries, but now source directly from ethical producers in six continents. Essential Oils Canada strives to offer the largest selection of pure essential oils at affordable rates and based on popular demand, they have expanded their product line to now carry essential oils for colds, sleep, acne and more. Whatever type or quantity of essential oils that a customer is seeking, Essential Oils Canada is bound to have exactly what one requires, as they now offer organic sage oil, organic lemongrass oil, organic oregano oil, and organic rosemary oil.

Most individuals utilize a variety of remedies and cold medicines to treat the misery of a cold, however, those options do not always provide relief. In order to offer a new form of effective relief to their customer base, Essential Oils Canada is now offering essential oils to treat cold symptoms such as congestion and can even shorten the length of one’s cold. One essential oil to combat a cold is oregano oil. Oregano oil is a herbal supplement that is known for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, as these properties are effective in treating the symptoms of a cold or flu. In addition to oregano oil, Essential Oils Canada offers essential oils that feature lemongrass. Lemongrass essential oil can reduce the symptoms of the common cold in a variety of ways such as reducing fevers, muscle aches and pain, lifting fatigue, and reducing headaches. Lemongrass essential oil is utilized to stimulate the immune system in ways that over the counter medication may not be able to. 

Along with the essential oils that are effective for fighting colds, Essential Oils Canada offers essential oils for sleep. These concoctions provide an all-natural alternative to typical sleeping supplements while providing a sedative effect, diminishing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress. One common ingredient in the essential oils for sleep is lavender. Lavender oil is able to be dabbed on pulse points before bed or inhaled in order to assist one in getting a good night’s sleep. In addition to lavender oil, Essential Oils Canada provides essential oils containing chamomile. This oil was found in a study to have a significant increase in one’s sleep quality while also combating headaches. Whether one is looking for an all-natural way to fight colds, help with sleep or anything else, Essential Oils Canada has an essential oil available that is affordable and can do the job.

Essential Oils Canada is an online distributor only, headquartered in Vancouver, BC. For enquiries, contact their team via phone at 604-359-7849 or via email at [email protected] For additional information regarding Essential Oils Canada, their product expansion featuring essential oils for colds or any of their other products, visit their website at

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