The beginning of a new year is always the perfect time to revamp your mental, physical and spiritual health goals to get the ball rolling in the right direction and take back control of your lifestyle.

This spring, ESSENCE Wellness House is returning to help you get back on track!

Ready to recharge and revitalize your mental, physical and spiritual well-being? Click here to get your tickets to join us for ESSENCE Wellness House

Join us on Tuesday, March 7 in Atlanta, GA for a day-long experience dedicated to all things health and wellness. Ignite your body with energizing workout sessions and intimate conversations addressing the issues that matter most when it comes to getting the fitness routine that works for you up to par. Expand your mind and revitalize your spirit with interactive workshops, massages, meditation and group discussions designed to help you get—or stay—on the road to mental health prosperity.

Plus, learn tips from nutritionists, psychologists and other health professionals on how to better monitor what you put in your body and how it really affects your weight loss goals, how to get a handle on workplace or at-home burnout, how to cope with grief or loss and so much more.

This exclusive 1-day retreat is designed to support and inspire you on your journey to putting YOU first in all the ways that matter most. For information on programming, tickets and more, visit the official ESSENCE Wellness House website HERE.

See you in ATL!

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