Come and discover how to naturally restore your emotions and moods, clear the mind and sleep deeply using pure, safe & powerful Essential Oils

Did you know that . . .

– More than 80% of visits to the GP include complaints of excessive stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or depression.- 1 in 5 Australian adults suffer from some form of emotional or mental illness pattern or substance abuse issue.

What will I learn ?- How Essential Oils work inside the body & mind.- What emotions we can feel and how a essential oil can support you move through them – How and when to use Essential Oils

Essential Oils can support you:- In times of emotional distress- In times of nervous stress and tension- To calm addictive or self-destructive behaviors- To increase energy levels and break through mental or physical fatigue- To nurture deep and restful sleep

You will also receive a FREE essential oil, essential oil infused snacks plus the opportunity to buy doTERRA oils at wholesale prices and receive a FREE one on one Lifestyle Overview from Nicholas



Nicholas Fairbairn

Is a world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner as heard on Hay House Radio, Personal Trainer, AromaTouch Instructor, doTERRA Diamond Leader, Liquid Crystals and Reiki Practitioner.

To be honest none of this really means much, the power is in his story. You see all these qualifications he used to remember who he was as he was so far lost from himself that he had depleted his body so much that he got pneumonia and Glandular Fever (Mono).

He was so sick, unhappy and lost that he did anything to show that there was more to life as truth be told he did not want to be on this planet anymore and he seriously contemplated exiting, so yeah he was in a dark dark place, Now though he has come out the other end and all the pain, suffering and challenges he has had have made him a very powerful, humble and understanding coach and mentor.

Please grab a ticket as limited spots $11

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