Learn how to create a healthier home environment and reduce your environmental footprint using essential oils.

Zara D’Cotta (founder of The Healthy Home) learned first-hand about the vital link between home cleaning and personal care products and our health after going through cancer.

It was while going through the most challenging period of her life that Zara discovered the power of essential oils.

You can significantly reduce plastic bottle waste in your home by making your own cleaning products. Zara will show you how simple it is toclean your home with natural DIY products that work just as effectively and won’t harm the health of your household. 

In this class you will learn:

+ What essential oils are

+ What are the the best ones for cleaning and to support a chemical free household

+ How to safely use essential oils

+ Why the quality of essential oils you use is important

+ How you can use essential oils to make:     

– surface spray     

– cleaning paste     

– stain removal paste     

– glass cleaner     

– wood polish

***PLEASE NOTE***  As spots to this event is being held in a private home, this class is limited to 4 spots, and is open to those who do not already have a DoTERRA account, and are not already being supported by another doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

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