picture of cultural wellness iconCultural Wellness is being aware of your own cultural background, as well as the diversity and richness present in other backgrounds. It involves building positive relationships and interacting respectfully with people of different backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, abilities and ages.


picture of emotional wellness iconEmotional Wellness is developing a positive sense of self that is open and able to experience a healthy range of emotions. Individuals can engage in creating meaningful and satisfying relationships with others, being mindful of your own emotional responses, having compassion for your limitations, and seeking resources when needed. 


picture of environmental wellness iconEnvironmental Wellness is an awareness of an individual’s impact on the environment and the environment’s impact on the individual. It inspires us to live a lifestyle that is respectful of our surroundings by minimizing harm and maximizing harmony and adopting a reduce, reuse, recycle mindset. Environmental wellness includes advocating for spaces that best support healthy living.


picture of financial wellness iconFinancial wellness is accessing the resources and skills that allow you be satisfied with your fiscal responsibility and financial goals.  Fiscal responsibility includes debt management, budgeting, long-term planning, and smart investing.


picture of intellectual wellness iconIntellectual wellness involves participating in creative and challenging mental activities. It includes being open minded, engaging in lifelong learning, and sharing our abilities with others.


picture of occupational wellness iconOccupational Wellness allows us to engage in our work, explore options to use our gifts, skills and talents to create our own vision for the future. 


picture of physical wellness iconPhysical wellness promotes taking care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. This includes healthy behaviors like good nutrition, getting adequate sleep, engaging in physical activity, and listening to your body and how it feels.  This dimension of wellness also entails responsibility for health choices and risks and knowing when professional care is needed. 


picture of social wellness iconSocial wellness encompasses personal relationships, support networks, professional connections, and self-love. It includes communicating feelings and needs to others in an appropriate manner. It involves developing and building close friendships and intimacy, practicing empathy and effective listening, caring for others and for the common good and allowing others to care for you. 


picture of spiritual wellness iconSpiritual wellness embodies finding and exploring a personal sense of purpose and living a meaningful life, including contributing to the spiritual health and peace of others. A spiritually well individual will attain a greater appreciation and wonderment for the world.

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