Health and wellness have become a priority in 2020, considering the pandemic. We are all looking for ways to change our habits for stronger, more resilient immune systems, making what we put into our bodies super important. Having started in 2019, Digvijaya Herbals is an online beauty, health and wellness brand that provides healthier and natural alternatives to products we use regularly. They cater to men, women and children and cover everything from hair and skincare to healthy foods and powders for a healthier lifestyle. 

We’ve cried over the state of our skin at some point right? Whether you have clear, spotty, dry or oily skin, caring for it is important, and Digvijaya Herbals has a wide range of products for all your skin needs. Treat your face with oils, serums and toners that help tighten, brighten and bring out that natural beauty. Try out their Duh Cleanse or the Duh Shine face masks for a healthy post-facial glow. If luscious locks are what you seek, they have hair oils, hair colours and everything in between. We recommend trying out their Hair Care combo which includes everything from their haircare range and gives you great value on your purchase.  

We definitely can’t forget about their food products. Breakfast is sorted with their selection of nut butters, honey, coffee blends and pancake mixes. Kids have their own line of baby food, and those looking for gains at the gym should try Digvijaya’s whey protein drinks. For their entire range of products, head to their website. They ship both domestic and international orders so place those orders today!

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