The museum also exhibits the original tools and equipment to make the essential oils. Also, it conveys the history in an interesting way

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Angela Tanoesoedibjo expressed admiration to the Rumah Atsiri concept in Tawangmangu, Central Java as one of the health tourism destinations in Indonesia.

The deputy minister said that she loved the house since it presents the essential oil history from before century (BC) to the 2000s.

“The museum also exhibits the original tools and equipment to make the essential oils. Also, it conveys the history in an interesting way,” Tanoesoebidjo said in a press release issued here on Sunday.

Tourists can learn the journey of essential oil discovery and its distribution process worldwide, including Indonesia, she added.

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Rumah Atsiri is a health tourism spot that processes aromatic plants to be converted into essential oils. Its area offers the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions (MICE) facility, boutiques, attractions, essential plant gardens, laboratory, production house, training center, restaurants, shops, glamorous camping (glamping) ground, and museum.

She lauded the concept that Rumah Atsiri offers adding that its facilities and attractions are interesting and kid friendly.

The house also has a complete scientific laboratory and it has been utilized for various classes of essential oils and some appropriate programs for students from kindergarten to senior high school.

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The laboratory offers opportunities for the visitors to experiment in producing the derived products of essential oils depending on the visitors’ capabilities.

“Rumah Atsiri is very complete, its attractions offered for the tourists are also varied. From kids to adults, all can enjoy the attractions and facilities here, such as making the soaps, slime, with the aroma they can choose by themselves,” she remarked.

Tanoesoedibjo expressed the hope that Rumah Atsiri can continue to develop, so it can be such an example of the leading health tourism destination as well as help encourage other tourist players to also develop.

The deputy minister was accompanied by the ministry’s event and tourist products deputy Rizki Handayani during the visit.

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