Also, I’ve gotta be honest, I have been dying to get my nails done since having Luna but I really haven’t had the chance to because it’s so hard for me to leave her (I am a bit obsessed with her if you haven’t noticed). So I’d prefer to be able to bring her with me to my appointments so I don’t have to rush home afterward to feed her. But I want to make sure it’s safe to bring her, so I really like that PROSE has made a commitment to remove chemicals from its salons, including toxic acrylic nail services.

Anyway, for those who don’t live in Phoenix, I thought I might share with you my top tips for what to look for in a nail salon, like PROSE.

What to Look for in a Nail Salon

Nothing grosses me out more than sticking my toes in an unsterile pedicure bowl. I have heard horror stories of what can happen if non-sterilized tools are used and just the thought of putting my feet into a dirty bowl filled with bacteria terrifies me. Look for salons that use jet-free basins. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they are using single-use files. Nail files, buffers, and pumice bars cannot be sterilized so keep that in mind as well.

Like I mentioned above, I love Vinylux. And for those of you know don’t know, it’s meant to be used without a base coat. I have been to many salons, however, that applied a base coat despite carrying the product, which made it chip faster. I also got an SNS gel manicure once and went to the salon to have it removed, but instead of soaking it off, they damaged my nails by completely filing them off. Hacking, scraping or metal tools aren’t necessary for the removal of gels. Don’t let your artist cut corners.

I have had services where the artist was too busy watching the television to care about taking proper care of my hands and feet. The massage was too quick and my cuticles ended up being poked too hard and bleeding. I came to the salon to relax, not to worry about monitoring the artist.

Washing hands is the most basic way of minimizing the transmission of bacteria and germs. Make sure the nail salon you choose provides clean, soapy water to soak your hands and nails (and make sure there aren’t marbles because those need to be sanitized). Plus, a disinfecting soap is the perfect way to prep your nails before polish.

What do you guys look for in a nail salon?

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