Wellness Toolkit Creation workshop for kids cultivates confidence and inner strength. Empowering kids with valuable, practical holistic and spiritual tools / strategies to navigate life’s daily obstacles. Your child will connect with their power, their uniqueness, their greatness; equipping them to build their inner world so they are able to manage stress, anxiety and any other of life’s rollercoaster emotions.

This fun and creative workshop is designed to develop and nurture emotional and spiritual wellbeing, creating healthy habits for life. The wellness toolkit equips kids to manage and nourish their emotional wellbeing.

As a primary school teacher and wellness coach I am here to support and uplift your child, so they leave feeling sparkly, sensational and

Workshop includes:

• Drama games

• Nature mandala creation

• Mindfulness, meditation, and mindset techniques

• Introduction to auras and energy

• Introduction to flower remedies and essential oils

• Positive affirmations

• The practice of gratitude

• Craft activity

Workshop aims to build, increase and support:

• Confidence, self esteem

• Resilience – strategies to manage stress and anxiety

• An understanding of their mind, body and spirit

• Self-compassion

• Flourishing mindset

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