Olie Biologique’s Golden Ray Glow Drops are an illuminating and collagen-boosting serum. The beauty oil was created in collaboration with Melissa Meyers, a beauty content creator and lifestyle writer who was also named “the most stylish 54 year old on Instagram” by Who What Wear. By collaborating with a well known influencer with over 15 years of beauty writing experience, Olie Biologique product is sure to resonate with Melissa’s fan base of women seeking accessible anti-aging solutions.

This face oil is infused with star ingredients like French Marine Algae, “clinically proven to increase collagen production up to +17.2% after continued daily use” and “strengthens the skin while hydrating and restoring its natural suppleness.”

In addition to hydrating dry skin and smoothing uneven skin tone, Olie Biologique’s Golden Ray Glow Drops boost collagen production and lock in moisture, making them a perfect addition to any morning or nighttime skincare routine. Only a few drops of the product are needed to see results, and each batch is 100% plant-based, toxin-free and responsibly sourced.

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