Clementi Hair Salon Allegedly Charges Customer For Package She Never Bought

After a tiring few months dealing with a pandemic, pampering yourself at a spa or salon makes for a nice treat.

A customer at a particular hair salon in Clementi, however, was in for a rude shock when her bill arrived.

Expecting low fees like the banner out front promised, she was horrified when the cashier keyed in $1,999.

Banner promised low prices for haircuts & treatments

Like any thrifty Singaporean, Ms Hu had spotted the hair salon’s banners promising low prices for different services.

In a Facebook post on 7 Sep, she quoted the store’s advertisement for $3 haircuts and $29 treatments.


Little did she know that the hairdresser would try to coerce customers into buying certain “packages” once they entered.

Hairdresser allegedly tried charging $1,999 to debit card

After insisting on only a haircut, Ms Hu tried to pay cash but was told that the store only accepted debit card payment.

When she handed over her card, she claimed that the hairdresser keyed in $1,999 on the machine and attempted to charge her that amount.


She asked why the fees were so high, to which he explained that it covered the 10 scalp treatments she had allegedly agreed to.

But Ms Hu never consented to that, and thankfully, her card had insufficient money.

Made a second attempt to overcharge customer

The failure didn’t deter the hairdresser who subsequently tried to key in a lower, yet still exorbitant amount of $599.

The transaction didn’t go through, and neither did the following one for $399, as Ms Hu had set a $200 limit.

She ended up walking out of the store with a receipt for $199 worth of “wash & blow”.

Customer files police report against Clementi hair salon

Unsatisfied with her experience, Ms Hu filed a police report against the salon.

Apparently, another customer had complained of a similar incident back in June, though she was charged a much lower amount.

The outcome of the report is unclear, but Ms Hu warns others to steer clear of the shop.

If the incident was indeed true, we hope the authorities will be able to resolve the issue promptly, so nobody else will be affected.

Featured image adapted from Pixabay and Facebook.

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