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  • Chrissy Teigen, 34, just shared her nighttime skincare routine in a no-makeup video.

  • The routine includes makeup remover wipes and a “magic” face oil from Le Prunier.

  • The model and cookbook author said the oil makes her skin “plump and supple.”

Chrissy Teigen is known for her gorgeous, glowy skin, and she just dropped some serious knowledge about how she takes care of it.

The model and cookbook author, 34, recently shared her entire nighttime skincare routine in a series of no-makeup Instagram Stories, and there’s a bunch of great nuggets in there.

First, Chrissy said that this is “not an ad” (important to know) before sharing her favorite makeup remover wipes: Eyeko’s Mascara Off, which are $9 on Ulta RN. “It’s for your eyes, but I use it on my whole face,” she explained in the video. Pro tip, per Chrissy: “It’s good to put on your [false] lashes for a little bit so they can just gently come off.”

Chrissy then cut to her husband John Legend, who was taking out his contacts for the night. “I can’t believe anyone is watching this,” she joked at one point.

Chrissy then reached for another wipe, saying, “I get everything off. Everything off,” as she wiped every smidge of makeup off her face.

At one point, John starts breaking out into “Happy Christmas (War Is Over),” which sounds amazing, and Chrissy seems totally unimpressed. Guess Grammy-level performances in the bathroom are normal for her? IDK.

The next step, Chrissy said, is “very important.”

“A little birdie named Nova gave me this tiny bottle of oil,” she said. “She said it was amazing, it had one ingredient… I used it and when I tell you my skin changed—my life changed—it did.”

Chrissy then went on to say that the oil was a secret, before almost immediately sharing that it’s Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil, which costs $72.

Chrissy even called the oil “magic,” saying that she woke up afterward with skin that was “plump and supple.” Chrissy also said she applies the oil “all over” and will sometimes follow that by patting on a face cream. “It’s holy. It is amazing,” she said.

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