The pandemic has inspired instead of discouraged Cebuana designers to continue with their work not just for themselves but also for their supply sources which have also been economically affected by the lockdown.

To cope with the current situation, Amanda LuYm and Cacay Moras of All That Glitters (ATG) decided to bring their business online through Disenyo Del Sur. According to a post on its Facebook page, Disenyo Del Sur “develops brands and collaborates with women-owned enterprises that relay messages of hope and empowerment. We are committed to addressing the needs of a modern mindset by creating products that support a culture of mindfulness.”

Showcased with new ATG creations are also other products of their creative endeavors. For their ATG line, they have created “buildable” jewelry with a Bubble Theory line. One can personalize their jewelry as pieces can be added or removed according to one’s mood. There are a total of eight different looks.

The ATG partners also came up with a fashion line, Padayon, with malongs using fabrics woven by a women’s coop in Argao — Hablon sa Cebu — which ATG reached out to with the help of Debbie Palao of Holicow. Other Padayon products are sling bags and box bags.

Not content with just the products they already have, LuYm and Moras have also come out with Potheads, which are plant holders and/or hangers which are meant to bring plants to the eye level of their grower. Another product from the ATG founders is Black Canvas Beauty Oil, a blend of essential oils which Cacay had been making for family and friends and which is perfect for facial massages.

LuYm and Moras have opened Disenyo Del Sur to other women with unique creations that blend well with the times the world is in. Among these companies are Cheeky Cheek, Hey Shibori and Soapjam.

Cheeky Cheek of Patricia Mancao-Canton has come up with the Essentials Bag Editor, a sturdy bag that has a place for everything one usually finds in a bag, including space for face masks. Cheeky Cheek also has a pouch, the Mask Master, which can hold up to eight facial masks.

Hey Shibori is Aimil Gonzalez-Sarmiento’s pandemic creation. The company has kept her motivated during this challenging time. Her products include table napkins, linens and beach wraps in vibrant colors using the Shibori technique in binding.

Soapjam is a brand Disenyo Del Sur has partnered with a limited edition bath soap set. Bath soaps that are not just nourishing and refreshing, they are also beautiful aesthetic creations in themselves. Check out these different brands by creative women designers at Disenyo Del Sur.

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