It is believed it is the same thief who targeted Bliss salon in the town centre in the early hours of Sunday morning, at 12-45am, and then an hour later.

After spending around six minutes in the premises in the first break-in the thief, who gained access to the building by climbing onto a roof and throwing a brick through a second floor window, made his escape.

But it looks like the burglar returned an hour later at 1-40am, for a second search of the salon close to the Boot Inn in Parker Lane.

Bliss beauty salon in Burnley’s Parker Lane was raided twice in the early hours of Sunday morning.

And he was in the premises, helping himself to a haul of nail and beauty products, for around 40 minutes.

This footage,,captured on the salon’s CCTV cameras, shows the raider casually walking around looking for items to steal.

He entered every one of the 10 rooms over three floors, apart from a locked room on the top floor.

Salon owner Bekki Slater, who is due to give birth to her third child in just seven weeks, said: “He also kicked in the kitchen door as that was locked.”

The intruder at Bliss was captured several times by CCTV cameras

In the first break in the thief can be seen wearing a dark coloured North Face hoody but when he returns the second time he appears to have changed and is wearing a dark coloured top that is not branded.

The bottles of nail polish, nail files and scissors are instantly recognisable as they are emblazoned with the salon’s name Bliss and Co and none of them have gone on general sale yet.

The burglar also ransacked a sensory area Bekki had created on the second floor for mums to meet with their little ones.

Bekki (second from left) and her team at Bliss

Bekki launched Bliss in Padiham when she was just 20 and eighteen months ago she moved the business to its Parker Lane base.

Married to Stacy, the couple have two sons, Theo (six) and five-year-old Olly and their third child is also a boy.

Also at the salon are Brogan Gizzi, a self employed hairdresser who has just returned to work after having a baby, Danielle Coombe, who works for Bliss as a beauty therapist, Bliss make-up artist Keira Wilson and Aislinn O’Conner, who owns Secret Scents on the third floor.

Bekki said that while the break-in had left her disheartened, she was grateful for support from the police who have vowed to step up night patrols in the area.

Bekki added: “We have a full CCTV system in place but that didn’t seem to deter this thief so we will be increasing security measures.”

Anyone who thinks they may have information relating to the break-in is asked to ring police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting crime reference number LC 202008160600.

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