Blue Ash, OH: This week, the Candle-lite Company announced their official launch of CBD-infused candles and wax melts, released under their Essential Elements brand. Essential Elements by Candle-lite Company was launched in 2008 and remains the #1 natural candle in the USA today. Essential Elements candles feature signature fragrances featuring essential oils in a natural soy wax, revealing layers of botanicals, woods, and other elements of nature while delivering an aromatherapy experience. The new line of Essential Elements CBD candles features 100% pure CBD oil in addition to the essential oils and natural wax blend. They come in 6 unique fragrance blends with sleek, black, gender neutral packaging. Additionally, each candle’s reusable glass jar is made to be upcycled – from a beautiful holder for jewelry, cotton balls, pens, to a planter for houseplants, and a myriad of other uses. This new Essential Elements CBD launch marks the first ever line of CBD candles and wax melts to be mass-produced nationally in Food/Drug/Mass.


Of the company’s exciting new launch, CMO Kecia Hielscher said, “We are so excited to launch this new line of CBD candles. We have spent the past 18 months researching, developing, and designing the perfect balance of CBD infusion, essential oils, and fragrance oil in each candle to create 6 well-rounded fragrances that really fill the room with a boost of energy, calm, warmth, freshness… whatever mood you want to enhance. We look forward to developing even more CBD fragrances in the future, stay tuned!”.


These CBD candles will have no psychoactive side effects and are safe to burn without worry, including around children and pets. Some of the other features consumers can look forward to with each CBD-infused candle:

Up to 110 hours of burn time

Two 100% natural wicks in each 16 oz candle

Free from sulfates, phthalates, and parabens

Cruelty-free and hand-poured in the USA

Minimalist, sleek design to enhance your home’s decor


Essential Elements CBD candles and wax melts have launched exclusively at Kroger stores and Fred Meyer stores nationwide, with the full line available now! The Kroger Company has been enthusiastic about this release and partnership. The line will be available at additional retailers this summer.


For questions or inquiries about the new Essential Elements CBD candles and wax melts, contact Kali Kuhnash, Marketing Manager [email protected] .


About the Candle-lite Company: Founded in 1840 by Thomas Emery as Emery Candle Division of Emery Industries, Candle-lite has grown from a door-to-door candle selling company to America’s original and oldest candle manufacturer, producing millions candles annually at the largest candle manufacturing facility in the world! Candle-lite boasts 6 unique home fragrance lines with filled glass, pillar, votive, tealight, wax melt, and seasonal options. All Candle-lite products are phthalate-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, lead-free, feature a natural wick, and are manufactured in the USA at their industry-leading Leesburg, OH facility. New fragrances are released every year and are carefully curated, blended, created, and selected by their expert in-house team of fragrance, industry, and consumer experts.

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