Camila Coelho is a content creator and entrepreneur known for her presence on YouTube and is sharing her morning skincare routine.

Video Transcript

CAMILA COELHO: Hi, guys. It’s Camilla Coelho. I’m the founder of Elaluz, and today I’m going to show you how I do my morning skincare routine because I didn’t wake up like this.


The first product I’d like to start my face with is a beauty water because it’s going to tone my skin– prep my skin and my pores– for all the product I’m about to put in. And now I would like to come in with my serum. We want to make sure we hydrate the skin before anything else. So I’m using the Vichy one. It’s super lightweight, especially for warm days now during summer.

Next step is going to be my beauty oil. It will just give you that beautiful, natural glow. It has like a velvety finish to it. This product has Buriti Oil, it has Cupuacu in it. It’s very nourishing. And now, make sure you blend it everywhere– like under your eyes, where you have those fine lines– so making sure it’s super hydrated and those fine lines don’t show on top of your makeup or throughout the day.

And now we’ll just do an eye cream. Make sure you hydrate on the eyes. And I’m using a 24 Karat eye treatment. It has a 24 Karat gold– little particles in it– and it’s so pretty. As you can see, I’m applying the eye cream with this ring finger here because it’s your most gentle finger. Our eye area is our most gentle area of our, face. But I always apply like that.

And you can even do a little lymphatic moment here, which I’m going to do right now. You can go with your hands or with a tool. So my skin is super-hydrated, so it’s the perfect time to do a lymphatic massage. The secret to a lymphatic is just activate your lymph nodes– which are here on the corner of your eye, right here on the outer corner of your eye, under your chin. So activating is just pumping it a few times. Very gentle, OK? This tool is amazing, because it really gets the area I want. Just like 30 seconds doing it, you already see a difference. Are we lifted yet?

And then SPF should come last before makeup. I love this one by SkinCeuticals it’s the Physical Fusion UV Defense. It’s so fine. It does have a little bit of color in it, even. Very lightweight, very fine texture, and I feel like I’m just putting a serum on. When I have some extra time, I like to do a lip mask to hydrate my lips. And this is by KNC Beauty. I love this mask because it has collagen in it, and we all love collagen– the more, the better. So I’m going to put this on, leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes, then my lips will feel super-hydrated, and I’ll be right back.

All right. Now mask is off and I’m just going to finalize it with a little bit of lip balm. I’m going to use a stain by KNC Beauty. It’s the Supa Balm. And making sure our lips is super hydrated. I feel so fresh right now. I feel very moisturized. Find all my tips and products down below to make people think you woke up like this.

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