What might seem like business as usual in the beauty industry, is a huge moment for model and blogger, Camila Coelho with the launch of her new beauty brand. The former Cosmo ME cover star is known for her incredible fashion label, Camila Coelho Collection, and obviously bomb-ass Instagram feed, but her first love has always been a beauty – which is what led her to work in Dior counter, the passion that fueled her rise to fame as a YouTuber and now, as a beauty brand founder. Elaluz, translated as “she is light,” in Portuguese, is a testament to the vision that she has for her beauty brand.

“Elaluz is different from a lot of other beauty brands on the market because we are clean, sustainable, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan. Some of our products are EWG Verified, which is the highest standard for clean. Each month we drop new products of my most essential beauty items, whether that be hair, makeup, body or skin care products.”

From the videos on Instagram, you might recognise that Elaluz isn’t just a brand for girls, Camila tells Cosmo that diversity (in every way) is a major part of the brand, “The Elaluz customer doesn’t have to be a girl! I created this collection with EVERYONE in mind, no matter your gender identity.”

“I imagine that the Elaluz customer is all-encompassing. They love and accept themselves for who they are, and truly believe in their inner light, or are working to find it – because we all have it,” she added.

Camila says that the influence of Latino women embracing and caring for their lips led her to pay an ode to the women that paved the way for her by making her first two releases all things lippies. “I was surrounded by a lot of Latina women who loved wearing lipstick when I was young, which in return influenced me to always take care of my own lips. The 24K Lip Therapy is an intensely hydrating treatment that leaves lips looking and feeling softer, smoother and healthier the second it melts onto your lips.”

There’s absolutely no doubt that Camila is the queen of #no-makeup makeup looks and we had to ask her to drop the skincare routine. “I look to my Elaluz Beauty Oil to when my skin needs some extra glow. My lips always have to be popping somehow, whether it’s with the help of lip liner or my Lip & Cheek Stain”

Though the brand is solely based in the US, it seems more plausible than ever to make sure that it’s within the reach for followers and customers all over the world. Camila speaks on why it was important for her to use Elaluz to cater to her Arab following. “To me, Arab women have always represented a beautiful, intimate aspect of beauty and I hope that they will relate to my products in that way,” said Camila.

She added, “Elaluz is all about that. It’s not about having products that transform you, but rather about having products that highlight your self-confidence and inner beauty.”

On the brand/celeb that Camila wants to work with, Rihanna is the first name that came up and it’s not hard to see why that is. “She is not only a powerful and smart woman, but she knows how to authentically influence culture. It’s also incredible to see how she came from such a humble background yet she has built a massive empire herself.” Camila said, talking about Rih.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on the brand as Elaluz has some “amazing products launching that is a must for everyone’s Christmas lists,” and there may or may not be an overnight bronzing glow on that list.

Speaking on the fast-paced growth of the brand, Camila hopes to have Elaluz available in stores all around the world. “While we are shipping internationally now, I hope to one day see Elaluz in physical storefronts globally,” she continued. Yep! You heard it, Elaluz might just pop up in your country sooner than you think.

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