If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend The Contessa’s you know there are different categories ranging from: Canadian Hairstylist to Avant Garde Hairstylist. As Rowley announces each section there’re simultaneous: cheers, screams of glee, and chants for the nominated salons and stylists. “OK great!”  You’re thinking. “But why should you care about what a hair salon does?” Here’s why. Unlike traditional retail businesses hair salons survive on three things: word of mouth, the quality of service and “Oh that hairdresser who does that thing to my hair!” In this social media age with: Google, Yelp, and Redditt reviews one bad experience can lead to a turndown of revenue, bad reputations, and top stylists jumping ship. 

To combat this salon owners are now creating environments. Gone are the rows of pastel-covered overhead hairdryers and stylist chairs, mirrors with encased in lightbulbs and a gum-snapping receptionist. Now Canadian salons are turning into mini spas offering everything from simple hair and make up to full on spa services and classes.

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