Caldera cleaning products offer luxe fragrances and a mid-range price tag. We HAD to try them!

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I strongly believe in the power of scent. When I walk in my front door, I want to be struck by a clean and pleasant fragrance—not lingering odors from last night’s dinner (yuck).

To combat unwanted kitchen smells, I light yummy candles and use room sprays and scented cleaning products—but sometimes that’s not enough to overpower simmered onions and burnt roasted Brussels sprouts. I’d have to wait for the fumes to fade.

In my constant battle against kitchen odors, I was very excited to try out Caldrea cleaning products. The brand of high quality home essentials and cleaning products feature fragrant essential oils with lasting power. Could Caldrea clean my kitchen and leave it smelling good?

To find out, I tested a bunch of their cleaning products, including the Caldrea countertop spray and Caldrea hand soap. I even lit a ginger pomelo Caldrea candle. Here are the results.

What are Caldrea Cleaning Products?

Caldrea has offered a winning combination of fragrance + efficacy + transparency since it launched in the United States in 1999. These are luxury-inspired cleaning products with a mid-range price point, and they’re available both on Amazon and Caldrea’s website.

Each product is made with essential oils of flowers and herbs, and the company is transparent about their eco-friendly ingredient list. For instance, in the ginger pomelo scented products I tested, the ingredient list includes basil oil, aloe leaf juice and bark extract.

What isn’t in the products might be even more important! Caldrea products are made without phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, artificial colors, parabens and animal-derived ingredients.

One con, however, is that the cleaning products are sold in plastic bottles. If you’re looking for a glass bottle cleaning line with refillable concentrates that also smell amazing, check out our Grove Co. review.

How Did We Test Caldrea Cleaning Products?

For this Caldrea test, I went straight to the kitchen. I made a pot of fragrant Thai shrimp soup and a big batch of spicy curry with roasted vegetables. After the meal prep session, my kitchen was an absolute disaster: burned coconut milk on the glass stove, peanut butter smears and shrimp shells on the counter and a sink filled with sheet pans loaded with stuck-on veggies.

The kitchen (and my adjacent open living room!) smelled like onions, garlic, curry paste and that odor that always comes from the oven no matter how often I clean it. Before busting out my Caldrea products, I took the dog for a walk, so I could return with a fresh nose. The kitchen smelled exactly as you’d expect after cooking a big feast—not good!

Caldrea to the rescue!

Caldrea Countertop Spray

Caldrea Countertop Spray Ginger Pomelo


Caldrea countertop spray is one of the most popular products, and it comes in nine unique fragrance combinations like pear blossom agave and basil blue sage. I tested the ginger pomelo countertop spray. I immediately liked the beautiful fruit and flower illustration on the packaging—pretty enough to keep out on the counter. A whiff from the bottle gave citrus notes with a hint of floral spice from the ginger. Yum!

A quick spritz on the quartz countertop instantly broke down saucy spills which I easily wiped up with a plant-based sponge. The formula made fast work of burnt-on coconut milk on the glass oven top, too. Sometimes products made with essential oils are too heavy for stainless steel appliances, but not Caldrea. I used the spray on the stainless steel refrigerator door handle, dishwasher front and microwave buttons. (How do they get so dirty?) The smudges wiped away without leaving any film. Success!

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Caldrea Dish Soap

Caldrea Dish Soap Ginger Pomelo


Once the major messes were cleaned off surfaces, I moved onto the sink filled with dirty dishes and cookware. I oven roast veggies pretty much every week, and even with parchment paper I find that olive oil, seasonings and the occasional onion make their way onto my baking sheets—and are almost impossible to remove. I was interested to see how Caldrea dish soap stood up to the test.

Caldrea dish soap uses soap bark extract as a secret weapon degreaser. I also feel good knowing the formula is biodegradable.

I squirted a dollop of dish soap on my dirty pans and blasted them with hot water. The soap immediately lathered into a rich foam and the citrusy smell was a major improvement over charred red pepper. I broke out a silicone sponge to help break down burnt food, and the mess cleaned right up. I had similar success washing copper pans. Rinsing wasn’t an issue either, no film and shiny results.

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Caldrea Hand Soap

Caldrea Hand Soap Ginger Pomelo


After cleaning kitchen surfaces and dishes, my hands needed a wash too! The Caldrea hand soap has the same pretty green and nature-inspired packaging as the cleaning products—it’s nice enough to use in the guest bathroom!

My first impression of Caldera hand soap was how GOOD it smelled. It’s similar to the countertop spray and dish soap, but even richer and more fragrant. The formula is made with olive oil and aloe vera, both known for moisturizing properties. After a quick wash my hands smelled lovely and felt soft.

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Caldrea Scented Candle

Caldrea Candle Ginger Pomelo 8 1


I already mentioned that I regularly light a scented candle after I clean the kitchen. It serves as both a fragrance boost, and feels like a nice ritual that symbolizes the kitchen is clean and closed for the night. (With the exception of a late-night popsicle treat, of course.)

The ginger pomelo Caldrea scented candle comes in an elegant eight-ounce glass jar etched with a green geometric design. It has a burn time of 45 hours, and I’ve burned it for about 20 hours so far. The burn is consistent and even—no tunneling.

Some scented candles are so strong that I get a fragrance headache, but the Caldera candle has a subtle scent. I can smell it within 10 feet of where I place it, and the citrus aroma with a ginger top note smells delicious.

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Caldrea Linen and Room Spray Air Freshener

Caldrea Linen Spray Ginger Pomelo


I prefer scented candles to room sprays. The fragrance lasts longer coming from a candle than spraying the air. I had similar results with the Caldrea linen and room spray air freshener. It definitely smells amazing (all citrusy and tropical) for a few minutes, but the scent dissipates pretty quickly in the air.

That said, I did spritz this on my tea towels and noticed the cloth held the scent! I now use Caldera air freshener to refresh the kitchen towels, and give a quick kitchen and entryway spritz if I know guests are coming over.

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The Final Verdict on Caldrea Cleaning Products

After I used all five ginger pomelo Caldrea cleaning products, I left the house to return with a fresh nose. As soon as I opened the front door, I was struck by a floral bouquet of grapefruit and zing of ginger. Yum! What meal prep? I was impressed that the Caldrea products cleaned my kitchen, left it smelling fragrant, and looked pretty while doing it. I can’t wait to finish the ginger pomelo bottles so I can try rosewater driftwood next. My kitchen smells GOOD!

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