The Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0​ (H&GS) range comprises unsaturated vegetable oils, which replaces tropical, dairy or other animal fats and hydrogenated oils considered high in saturated fat.

According to the Spanish edible oil producer, the flavorless, odorless oils are made mostly from mono and di-glycerides from refining sunflower oil, which reduces the calorie count in baked goods like puff pastries, biscuits and cakes, as well as chocolates and meat products.

The oils also resist temperature changes and allow for the addition of colorings and flavorings.

Sunflower oil provides essential fatty acids and vitamin E, reducing the risk of heart disease and enhancing so-called good cholesterol levels.

Good to the environment

Additionally, the H&GS range reinforces Borges’ commitment to the environment.

The increasing pressure from environmental and human rights groups over ruthless worker treatment, deforestation and endangered animals has made palm oil an ingredient to veer away from for food manufacturers.

Recently, Nestlé invested in satellite technology​ to monitor forests in its supply chain, while joining PepsiCo in severing ties with Indonesia’s largest supplier​ after reports of human rights abuses surfaced last year.

Borges sources raw ingredients for H&GS oils in Europe, predominantly from an area 300 kilometers from its production facility in Catalonia to reduce carbon emissions, that are non-GMO and free of allergens. 

Getting away from alternative oils

The company claims its H&GS oils reduce fats by at least 50% compared to palm and coconut oil, noting 100g of puff pastry made from H&GS oil contains 76,7g of total fat versus 100g of total fat when made with palm or coconut oil.

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