Gandhinagar: Ruling BJP and opposition Congress MLAs engaged in a vociferous exchange of words in the Gujarat assembly on Thursday over rising prices of edible oil.
While Congress MLAs raised the issue of rising prices of oil despite a bumper groundnut crop, BJP MLAs contended that farmers had got more money than the MSP for their groundnut crop, a huge chunk of which was exported.
Garbada MLA Chandrika Bariya raised the issue of a spurt in prices of groundnut and cottonseed oil. The government tabled figures in reply to her question, stating that the price of a 15kg tin of groundnut oil was priced at Rs 1,555 in January 2020, while the price for the tin stood at Rs 2,171 in December 2020.
Bariya said that as of date, the price of a 15kg tin of groundnut oil has crossed Rs 2,400. Congress MLAs Harshad Ribadiya, Babubhai Vaja, Amit Chavda and Shailesh Parmar also joined the discussion even as civil supplies minister Jayesh Radadiya explained that the state government has made purchase of a record seven lakh metric tonnes of groundnut in the past two years. Congress MLAs alleged that the government was giving oil millers a free hand to increase prices of groundnut oil.
Deputy chief minister Nitin Patel joined the debate, contending that Congress MLAs should do their homework. “There has been a bumper crop and owing to the pandemic, there has been a huge demand for groundnut. Our farmers have exported groundnut and have earned money. Does the Congress not welcome an increase in income for farmers?” he asked.

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