In India, BIOD Energy is working to help reduce India’s waste management problems, reduce dependency on imported crude oil, and surprisingly, help address health problems that are occurring to the population through consumption of “sasta tel” or cheap oil that is being reused to cook food and is contributing to health diseases. BIOD is starting with a 100 tons per day TPD biodiesel plant to collect used cooking oil and convert it into biofuel.

Shiva Vig, CEO and Director, BIOD Energy Pvt Ltd. told Tech Panda, “The cleaner fuel, biodiesel, which would be manufactured, will be in line with the IS15607 standards. This fuel can be either blended with diesel or used directly as a fuel to power DG sets, boilers and automobiles sector. This fuel would be converted out of waste including waste edible oil and waste generated from edible oil manufacturing units,” Vig explains.

“This sasta tel is being purchased by small vendors and reused to cook food,” Vig told Tech Panda. “Consumption of this oil leads to various health diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other cardiovascular diseases. This edible oil, once declared unfit for consumption (i.e. when it crosses the TPC level of 25), can be used to produce a greener fuel called biodiesel via various technologies that are available. Thus, BIOD Energy India is not only doing its bit in helping control pollution but also helping Indians eat and live a healthier life.”

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