(Jo Loves)

(Jo Loves)

Call it a sign of our age or the lockdown effect but we cannot stop shopping for ways to enhance our home.

Each day, the postman brings a new soft home furnishing addition – from a statement vase, to table cloths, via plants in all shapes and sizes, all with the intent to curate a warm, inviting space. It has become the number one priority for many of us in this crazy Corona world.

The world may be reopening but for the majority of us, home is still very much where the heart is – and this time it’s by choice. It’s more than just visual though. To offer the utmost comfort and a dreamy ambiance – home fragrance is top of the agenda.

Fragrance can have transformational and transportative effects. It can take you to warmer climes even on the darkest of winter days, or uplift you and get you ready to start the day. When the chill sets in, it can give your space a homely, cosy feel, while turning your living room into a sanctuary of calm – all with the right notes and essential oils.

It’s not practical or safe to burn candles all day long so reed diffusers offer a great way to subtly scent our homes without the fire risk. They radiate a continuous aroma all day so that you are greeted with the pleasant scent of fig, citrus or rose as soon as you step through the door.

How do reed diffusers work?

The ultimate hack in home fragrance, they cannot be easier to use. Reed diffusers come with reed sticks which are placed into the glass bottle full of essential oil. The oil travels up through the reed and emits your chosen aromas into the air. They don’t require any electricity or flames so make great additions to bathrooms and child-friendly spaces.

Top tip: Turn your reeds every eight or so hours so a more intense scent experience. As a word of warning, this may reduce the lifespan of your oils.

For a more eco-conscious approach, many brands are now offering refillable oils so you can keep topping up on your favourite fragrance – you will still need new reeds as otherwise it may dilute the aroma.

How long do reed diffusers last?

In terms of lifespan, they tend to follow a ratio of 100ml per month but it is entirely dependent on the shape of the bottle and the quantity of sticks – the more reeds, the more intense the scent but also the sooner that it is finished. Keep away from sunlight or radiators as this may evaporate the oils and place in a high traffic area to encourage air circulation.

Shop our edit of the most addictive home aromas in reed diffuser form.

Neom Happiness Diffuser

As with all Neom’s candles and diffusers, the Happiness aroma has impressive room-filling capabilities. It injects the mood-boosting citrus and floral scent into your space – which is achieved through natural fragrance with the likes of neroli, mimosa and lemon. The reed diffuser has a fresh and uplifting effect and it’s last for an extensive period of time so gives real bang for your buck. Double up and invest in multiple for an even more intense scent experience.



£38 | Space NK

Jo Loves Fig Trees Diffuser Oil

Jo Loves has crafted this diffuser to be reusable so that as soon as you’ve finished the deliciously scented oils, you need to only purchase a refill. This also gives you an opportunity to sample other scents from the range. It has a stylish ceramic design that will fit seamlessly among your Shelfie and comes with just a few reeds to ensure the longevity of the oils – but they are thicker so you still get the same intense scent wafting around the room. Our favourite is the Fig Trees that is set alongside sweet cassis and amber to give a warming and holiday-like feel.

 (Jo Loves)

(Jo Loves)

£90 | Space NK

Skandinavisk FJORD Reed Diffuser

Full disclosure: the first time we smelt this diffuser from Skandinavisk was in the bathroom of a trendy London restaurant and we just thought it was the best smelling loo we’ve ever frequented – if that’s not a testament to the intensity of the aroma, we don’t know what is. It combines notes of apple and pear blossom, orchard fruits and redcurrants taking inspiration from West Norwegian fjords. The oils should last around three months and the jar is refillable.



£45 | FeelUnique

Jo Malone Scent Surround Diffuser

Choosing just one of the Jo Malone reed diffusers is no easy task so we’re bowing out and adding several to basket. The London label is known for its perfume layering combinations and your home can be no different. You can pair each room with a different aroma or else combine two of your favourite for a balance of floral, fruit and oud. Honourable mention goes to the Fig & Cassis, Pear & Freesia and Peony & Blush. You also can never go wrong with the now cult Lime Basil & Mandarin or to fill your home with the fragrance equivalent of a huge bouquet of roses with Red Roses.

 (Jo Malone)

(Jo Malone)

£65 | Selfridges

Ortigia Fico d’India Perfume Diffuser

Bring the scent of Sicily into your home with Ortigia and its transportative capabilities. The Fico d’India is one of the brand’s most beloved aromas that combines fig and cedar to give you the feeling that you’re walking through a sun-soaked orchard, even if you are in fact in rainy Britain. The luxurious diffuser has great lasting power and an attractive glass case with a leopard illustration.



£45 | Liberty

Cowshed Relax Diffuser

The clue is in the name, this diffuser is designed to help you create a sense of calm in your space with a soothing blend of essential oils – namely lavender and eucalyptus. For your sanctuary away from the rigmarole of life, the natural ingredients bring a herbal aroma that will encourage a great sigh of relief as soon as you step through your door. Don’t believe us? The brand puts the proof in the pudding as they use this scent throughout Cowshed and Soho House spas.



£30 | lookfantastic

Acqua di Parma Buongiorno Room Diffuser

Scent is the most powerful sense to take you away to warmer climes and this diffuser from Acqua di Parma can certainly do that. While chic in appearance, it also brings the Italian countryside to your one-bedroom London apartment, no flight necessary. The scent is fresh and clean – think hanging your laundry outside or that telltale waft of cut grass. It combines notes of mint, lavender, jasmine, rosemary and lemon with cedarwood, moss and musk for an ever-evolving aroma.

 (Acqua di Parma)

(Acqua di Parma)

£64 | Space NK

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Aroma Reeds

If you’re not blessed with green fingers and just can’t seem to keep any plants or flowers alive, this reed diffuser from Molton Brown is the next best thing. It oozes with sweet floral freshness through the gourmand notes with grapefruit, yuzu and lemon grass at the top, rhubarb leaf, rose and spearmint at the heart and a base of vanilla, musk and spun sugar for sweet undertones.

 (Molton Brown)

(Molton Brown)

£45 | lookfantastic

ESPA Energising Diffuser 200ml

To get your ready to start the day, wake up to the uplifting aromas of this Energising fragrance that diffuses effortlessly through natural rattan reeds. The oil combines peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary for a scent combination that will kickstart your morning and invigorate the senses.



£48 | lookfantastic

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