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Some of the most common questions we get at Components Massage are surrounding our use of aromatherapy during massages. Our massage oils are enriched with high-quality essential oils that offer a multitude of therapeutic benefits through their skin application and aroma experience. In example you have ever wondered about essential oils and the role they can play in your wellness, we wanted to dedicate an entire post this week to our essential oils, and why they are beneficial to your massage experience.

Have you ever wondered what essential petroleums genuinely are? Here are a few quick FYI’s about these powerful substances 😛 TAGEND

Essential petroleums are natural petroleums that are extracted from the bark, roots, leaves, blooms, or other parts of plants. Oils are typically extracted through either pressing or distillation of plants.

The petroleum that is separated in this process can have significant therapeutic properties when used as aromatherapy. Also, when incorporated into our massage oils and applied topically, these essential petroleums can help reduce pain, aid in increased circulation, and improve the high quality of its scalp. It can also have powerful antiseptic, soothing, or otherwise healing properties when applied to the skin.

Essential petroleums are not the same thing as your typical air fresheners, fragrances, or lotions. For while these products can sometimes reek really good, most are chock full of artificial chemicals that can actually obstruct your immune system. In fact, the phthalates often found in commercial air fresheners have been strongly linked to endocrine system interruption. The ingredients in many common scented lotions including parabens, and compounds derived from petroleum, have been linked to harm to the hormonal system.

We utilize an exciting assortment of essential oils in our massage oils, able to help encourage a wide array of moods and mending. Our collect includes: lavender which can foster deep relaxation and promote better quality sleep; citrus which can emit feelings of wellbeing and have anti-depressant properties; eucalyptus which is anti-inflammatory and can have a positive impact on the respiratory system; and more.

Virtually all of the essential oils we use are also antiseptic, which means they are capable of preventing infection by hindering growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

In short, essential petroleums can be effective and powerful components of your healthy life. At Elements Massage we are proud to offer these all-natural, therapeutic, and delightful ingredients within our massage oils. Since it is estimated that essential oils have been utilized for healing purposes for thousands of years, we feel good about passing this ancient tradition onto you, our members.

With our Parts Wellness Program( tm) you can easily try all of the oils we have to offer, trying a different one at each massage, and discover which one is your favourite. And, of course, if you find yourself unpleasantly sensitive to the feel or smell of the oils we use, please let your therapist know so that he or she may immediately induce you more comfortable. After all, this is your massage, your health, and your wellness, and we want you to be completely satisfied.


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