note: my instructions are definitely not as articulate as I would like them to be, but if you have ANY questions at all feel free to ask in the comments and I will try my best to help you!

1. First, you want to fold the square paper in half.

2. Then, eyeball as best you can, fold one of the corners over, and repeat with the other corner. Perfection isn’t super important here, however, it is important that the bottom is a sharp and uniform corner (refer to white lines in picture 3)

3. Take a petal shaped template and cut it out of the triangular paper piece

4. snip a tiny corner off the bottom of the petal shape (this is the hole for your stem later on)

5. Unfold your flower, it will have 6 petals. To make our flower 3 dimensional, we will snip along the folds of one of the petals. Glue the top of the adjacent petal, and press the two sides on top of each other. Let this dry for a couple minutes.

6. To curl your petals, run the side of a pair of scissors across the petal quickly, using your thumb to hold the paper and the scissors at an angle. Repeat with all petals

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