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Aromatherapy Air Humidifier Fogger LED Night Light With Carve Design Aroma Mist Maker Aromatherapy for Home Office

Lighting can be controlled independently, you can choose to turn off or turn on independence.

The Humidifier is white. And it can make seven kinds of lights.

Have English instruction manual.

Aromatherapy Air Humidifier LED Night Light Creative Carve Patterns Design


Provide moisture for dry cough, air, dry skin

Suitable for home, living room, bedroom, office, etc.

Creative Carve Patterns


Adjustable amount of super heavy fog and double sprayer

Delicate carve patterns designed

Transposed air humidifier cover, 4 beautiful patterns chosen

Knob type mist adjust

LED Night light

Anti-corrosion, PP material, add your own favorite and personalized s

Lavender: Help sleep comfortable

Orange: Provide pleasant mood

Lemon: Promote attention

Tea tree: Diminish inflammation

Dust filter: Healthy and environmental protection

Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation

Colorful lights transform

Easy to clean

Pass RoHS, CE, etc.

Please fulfil water in tank and then screw it. please do not add water on base, it is easy to ruin base.


Coverage Area: Up to 20 square meter

Material: PP

Power supply: 110-240V

Rated Power: 25W

High capacity water tank: 1.5L

Color: White

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