Everyone hopes that they can marry the partner they love and be happy forever.

But the sad fate experienced by a woman who just realized that the husband she had married so far did not love her, Mother.

The story was told by Andita Ramauli through her account on TikTok.

Andita, who married in 2018, revealed that he was not happy in a marriage that only lasted 2 years.

She further shared that when she was 4 months pregnant, she was divorced by her husband in front of her parents.

But they reconciled because she was 4 months pregnant.

With married life without feeling the love of her husband, she pretends to be happy in front of her parents and friends.

However, she was unable to cover up her unharmonious married life and was often noisy for much longer.

She also decided to file for divorce.

Moreover, the husband admitted that she never loved her.

“Every day there is commotion in the household, until finally I want to get away from him and sue for divorce,” said the woman who married in a taaruf.

After filing for divorce, the husband turned out to want to get custody of their only child who is currently 1 year old, Mother.

But she refused her ex-husband’s demand.

And Andita’s sadness was not only that, she also lost her job due to the impact of COVID-19.

She admitted that she has applied to a number of companies, but has not received a summons until now.

She, who graduated from bachelor’s degree, now lives in Cikarang with his mother.

In the midst of her hopes of getting a new job, she doesn’t stand idly by.

Andita opened a small business at her house, selling snacks and aromatherapy candles online to support her baby.

“I’m sure there will be happiness ahead for me and my child,” she said.

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