LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aromatherapy is an alternative medicinal practice and therapeutic application of natural plant-based materials, such as essential oils, for healing. The accelerating growth rate of the industry can be attributed to aromatherapy’s many health benefits, which include reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy levels, eliminating headaches, improving cognitive performance, inducing sleep, reducing pain, and more. To experience these health benefits, there are a variety of ways people can use aromatherapy, typically through topical application and inhalation, including diffusers, sprays, or by breathing in oil droplets.

The practice of aromatherapy and essential oils has become more widespread in recent years. In fact, according to a study reported by the Associated Press, the year-over-year growth rate of the global essential oil industry for 2019 is estimated at more than eight percent. To respond to this growing interest and demand, ANAVIA, a leading jewelry company, today announced a new and stylish way to experience the health benefits of aromatherapy – simply by wearing beautiful jewelry.

ANAVIA’s new diffuser jewelry line allows users to experience the health benefits of aromatherapy in a convenient stylish way. Every diffuser piece includes 12 synthetic felt refill pads in different colors that are reusable, washable, and highly absorbent. Essential oils can be reapplied to the diffuser pads throughout the day, helping to reduce stress, depression, boost energy and more, wherever and whenever.

A leader in the aromatherapy jewelry industry, led by a professional team with nearly a decade of experience, ANAVIA’s aromatherapy jewelry collection features nearly 300 necklaces, bracelets, key chains and car vent clips, with several pieces offered in silver, gold and rose gold. Due to the high quality of surgical grade stainless steel, each piece of essential oil jewelry is guaranteed to last a lifetime and not to fade or tarnish. Design options include Tree of Life, Dreamcatcher, Hearts, Dragonfly, Celtic and much more.

To purchase pieces from ANAVIA’s aromatherapy jewelry collection, or to learn more about any of its jewelry collections, visit HERE.

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