If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know all too well how central breathwork is to the practice. Instructors always harp on it for a reason — not only can deep, restorative breaths help you sustain poses longer, but the impact of improved breathwork’s on things like circulation and brain function bring benefits far beyond the yoga studio. With this in mind, Alo Yoga is making it easier than ever to reap the therapeutic rewards of a deep breath through its relatively new Alo Wellness line and its latest product set. Enter Alo Wellness’ essential oil diffuser and six complementary essential oil blends — all uniquely, purposefully formulated to provide some physical and mental peace.

The essential oils, themselves comprised of a proprietary blend of carefully selected ingredients, range in function from mid-day energy boosts to bedtime wind-downs. Meanwhile, the Aura diffuser, designed to work in tandem with the oils, dispenses them via a cool stream of mist. As a bonus, the Aura diffuser is an unassuming, simple white block that can either recede into a homescape background or serve as something of a centerpiece station next to a caddy of oils. But no matter how you choose to display the diffuser, its 700 square-foot mist radius and 22-hour run time mean its effects will certainly be felt regardless of location.

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While the essential oils are available individually, they’re also bundled into a complete collection for $75 — considering the breadth of the situations each blend is formulated for, it might be worth considering an investment in the full library. On evenings when you’re laying in bed with tomorrow’s never-ending to-do list running through your mind, the Sleep + Downshift blend is rife with soothing Roman chamomile, ylang-ylang, and neroli to relax and lull — like the essential oil equivalent of hitting “close all tabs.” Similarly, the Chill + Unwind blend promises to do just that, but the grounding lavender means it won’t have you nodding off at your desk midday, either.

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Energize + Fresh is a bracing blast of peppermint, reinvigorating like a sunny winter morning. In that same vein, Cleanse + Detox is made from Australia’s world-famous tea tree which is thought to physically fortify with natural antibacterial properties. Breathe + Spa will smell familiar with its eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint fusion, three popular spa fragrances thanks to their ability to simultaneously re-energize and tranquilize. Finally, Awaken + Center is perfect for creatives thanks to an Indian eucalyptus blend that stimulates deeper breathing and imagination with its woody, earthy smell.

Alo Yoga

While there are the obvious effects of simply loading the diffuser and inhaling the fresh scents, the oiks can also be dispensed and repurposed — the brand suggests dabbing them at pulse points to stay centered or mixing them with water in a spritzer bottle to infuse sheets and linens. Even if just taking a quick whiff after an especially stressful Zoom call, that act of intentional breath alone can be seriously transformative.

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