Night Time Skincare Routine: Add These 3 Face Oils to Get Beauty Sleep | Product Review by Kritika Vaid

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Night Time Skincare Routine: Add These 3 Face Oils to Get Beauty Sleep | Product Review by Kritika Vaid

We know that oils nourish our hair and skin, but do you also know that they help in getting you the perfect beauty sleep? Yes! It does. There are face oils that can invite acne, pimple, clog your pores, and can make your skin oilier. However, there are a few lightweight facial oils that can act as a secret weapon and give your skin a bounce. We have picked 3 best face oils for you that can be used overnight to get a good night sleep and you wake up to an ultra bright morning face.

3 Face Oils That Can Do Wonders To Your Skin:

Jojoba Oil: Vedas Cure recently launched Jojoba oil to its ayurvedic cosmetics range. The oil is made up of all-natural ingredients and is beneficial for the skin. Jojoba oil has moisturising properties and acts as a fantastic antioxidant for the skin. It is not at all sticky and prevents acne caused by clogged pores. The antioxidants present in this Jojoba Oil promote the production of collagen (a protein that provides smoothness and structure to the skin). It’s an antioxidant, antibacterial, moisturizing, and helps speed up wound healing.

Usage: We used 2 drops of Jojoba oil with the help of two fingers. Gently press the temples of your head and slowly move from left to right in circular motions. After this just gently pinch your eyebrows a couple of times.

Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Tailam/ Elixir by Love Organically: From where should I start, this ancient and luxurious oil is magic! Love Organically, a skincare brand founded by Deepshikha Deshmukh has given us great results! This Kumkumadi tailam has pure saffron and over 21 herbs that help in healing, nurturing, and restoring the natural skin glow. It helps in brightening, detoxifying the skin, reducing dark spots, soothing irritated skin, and fighting hormonal imbalances. The oil has cooling herbs like chandan and vetiver that are used to soothe skin. The elixir promises healthy skin, helps balance the ph level of your skin and imparts long-lasting beauty benefits.

Usage: We used 2 drops of kumkumadi saffron gold oil and massaged all over the face with kansa wand from the same brand. It’s a mystical massager that casts a spell of ageless-beauty. The wand is a special blend of 80% copper and 20% other metals while the handle is made from hand-carved, neem wood. It helps in lifting the face, and removes puffiness.

Volcanic Elixir by Farsali: This high-end brand offers night time beauty oil made with pure unrefined 100% Polynesian Tamanu Oil. It is all-natural and a perfect product to include in night skincare routine. Volcanic Elixir has many amazing skin nourishing benefits such as it helps in conditioning and nourishing the skin while promoting elasticity to reduce signs of aging. This lipid has anti-inflammatory properties to aid in calming and soothing skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and irritation. It also helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by deeply conditioning the skin.

Usage: We used 2 drops of Farsali’s face oil with a jade roller (which is again an anti-aging tool). Jade rollers are as effective as any form of facial massage when done correctly.

These face oils are to be left overnight on the face for best results.

(Disclaimer: These products were best suitable for the author’s skin. We would recommend you try the products only after knowing your skin type)

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