ATKINSON — A local man accused of burglarizing a hair salon apparently became spooked and took off after the owner and her daughter used an intercom on their security system to yell at him.

“My daughter yelled at him, ‘You better get out of there. You’re on camera!’ Boy was he shocked,” said Katrina Gleed, who owns Atkinson Hair Depot at 3 Main St.

“He acted shocked and then slowly walked out the back door, into the hallway, and I assume back up to his apartment.”

Police have charged Julio E. Torres, 57, of 3 Main St., Apt. 3, with burglary and criminal trespass.

Gleed said the burglary happened last Wednesday, just a day after she installed a better quality security camera at the salon and barber shop. Earlier in the day, Gleed’s daughter, salon and barber shop manager and co-owner Elizabeth Supino, discovered that someone had unplugged the wifi in the basement of the salon. Supino plugged it back in and she and her mom left for the night.

About five minutes after leaving the salon, Gleed said her daughter decided to check the camera through Gleed’s phone. That’s when they saw a man inside the salon.

“We both just looked at each other and said, ‘Who is that at my desk?’ There he was trying to get into my register. He was looking all over the place. He was in the drawers,” Gleed said.

At one point, Supino used an intercom feature to speak into the salon while the man, who police later identified as Torres, was still inside.

Police Chief Timothy Crowley said police believe Torres was responsible for unplugging the wifi before returning to burglarize it again by entering through a back door.

Crowley said Torres was found in his upstairs apartment and when questioned he admitted to being in the salon, but denied that he unplugged the wifi earlier in the night.

Torres is free on bail.

Gleed said she opened the salon and barber shop in honor of her father, World War II veteran Carlton W. Gleed, with $8 haircuts for all veterans.

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