Bathroom renovations are at an all-time high. With more and more people at home in the last year, renos have been a way to tailor our spaces and update our living areas. Colours and finishes have a big impact on any design, especially contemporary bathrooms, with matte black and brushed gold permeating on-point trends while natural overall colour schemes bring a sense of serenity.

Products that mimic indulgent spa counterparts are also on the rise. Moen offers fixtures that combine these two finishes (black and gold) for an on-trend mixed metals look, along with aromatherapy showerheads that allow homeowners to have a spa experience at home. “We’re seeing that consumers are gravitating towards creating a spa-like environment in their bathroom and are choosing fixtures accordingly,” said Anny Ang, Senior Marketing Manager of Wholesale Kitchen and Bath at Moen Consumers.

The Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers are designed with the ability to infuse essential oils directly into the water flow to create an incredible and sensory shower experience.

Additionally, soft, warm, and comfortable colours are also ideal for contemporary bathrooms. “Modern brass finishes and the mixing of metals will create a more personal touch in the space, while restorative colours derived from nature complete the look,” said Lynn Schrage of Design Services at Kohler. Greens and warm hues work well in a modern bathroom, as well as wood tones and lots of natural light.

Technology is playing a big role in contemporary bathrooms. They allow for personalization and even help on water consumption.

“We’ve seen smart, connected products become more popular in the bathroom, especially products that offer consumers options to customize their experience,” said Ang. “They also continue to capitalize on the convenience offered by voice assistants.”

For example, the U by Moen Smart Shower is a cloud-based, app-driven digital shower that offers Wi-Fi mobile connectivity and allows homeowners to create their ideal showering experience, including the ability to set up to 12 personalized presets for everything from shower temperature to the length of your shower, and three choices to control the shower: voice activation, a smartphone app, and an in-shower controller.

Touchless technology is also on the rise, as it provides a convenient, automatic way to activate sinks and showers. “Given the state of the world over the past year, homeowners continue to embrace touchless technologies and Moen will be launching its first-ever residential hands-free bathroom faucet, which features a single-sensor touchless activation that allows users to turn water on and off with the simple pass of a hand,” Ang said. “It provides the best of modern style and technology.”

The faucet conveniently eliminates the need to touch the bathroom faucet, helping to reduce the spread of dirt and germs.

These types of faucets also help conserve water. “Modern design products that deliver experiential feel while still conserving or being efficient with water are so important,” Schrage said. “People are looking at digital showers to offer enhanced experiences and greater control over water use and delivery.”

Ang said there are a few main components to create a modern-day bathroom. First off: the faucet, which is the centerpiece of the bathroom.

“Choose something that functions well in your space and brings style to the sink, look for a design aesthetic and finish that coordinate with your faucet, and then determine what type of showerhead is right for you by considering how it will be used,” she explained. “Bathroom accessories are the final piece of the puzzle – they help to pull everything together to create a cohesive look in the bath, plus offer helpful convenience.”

This includes things such as robe hooks, towel rings, towel bars, grab bars, and paper holders in a variety of styles and finishes. Coordinate these with other fixtures like faucets and showerheads.

And don’t forget about storage, Schrage reminded. “Homeowners are still looking for great storage,” she said. Wall-hung vanities, in-wall storage, and smart mirrors with storage are all excellent options.

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