Truth be told, everybody loves a pamper day. There’s something about giving our body the maintenance it needs every now and then.

If you find yourself having time to pass at home, why not take the time to pamper yourself with some DIY spa treatments.

In order to have a productive and useful pamper day, you need to find the right equipment to do the job. Here are some favourite must-haves for you to build an at-home spa kit.

The best pamper starts with a tidy-up. This epilator is engineered by a well-trusted brand. Braun is ahead of the game – the innovative SensoSmart technology guides along your skin and diminishes more hair in each and every stroke, making the time spent shaving more efficient. 

Yardley London has perfected the exfoliating body scrub. Formulated with walnut shell powder to help remove dead skin cells, it also contains violet extract, shea butter and gold-of-pleasure oil, all playing their part in hydrating the skin simultaneously.

We use our feet everyday, whether we’re walking to work, dancing with our friends or exercising. We often forget how important it is to look after them, including keeping our toenails trimmed and removing dead skin when it builds up. Every pamper routine should include a foot mask. Karuna’s Exfoliating Foot Mask can help you remove dry skin and exfoliate.

Running the bath has never felt or looked so good. Be as luxurious as you like with Laura Mercier’s Honey Bath. Use the honey drizzler and add the Ambre Vanille into the bath as you run the hot water, mixing slowly until content with the strength of the fragrance and quantity of the heavy, dense bubbles. Ambre Vanille’s ingredients have been carefully researched and chosen to benefit your skin. The shea butter and vanilla extracts that make your skin as smooth as your favourite blanket, and the proteins of oats and pro-vitamin B-5 help moisturise your skin.

Our faces are the first thing people look at when you’re talking to someone, and for this very reason it’s important to treat it fairly and ensure it’s healthy. We want to avoid having blackheads on our nose or dry skin on our cheeks. A face mask can be a lifesaver, for males or females, and we all should apply a face mask every now and again. Dr Morita’s hyaluronic acid moisture essence facial mask has a well-respected formula to revive the life of your skin. The acid seeps into the pores of your skin providing a well-moisturised softness; it also helps fade faint lines including those on your forehead.

After drying yourself and applying the moisturising foot mask and face mask, the next step is to apply a body cream. This should be applied on a routine basis, every few days or weekly, ideally. The mysteriously good Bellissima is prayed upon by all gurus. It has a rich, fast-absorbing formula to provide long term protection in a short amount of time, leaving all different skin types smooth.

The hand-poured natural wax candle delivers a comforting scent of orange, cardamom and vanilla. It is housed in a superior grade glass container which also features light-reflecting benefits. Using this aromatherapy aid is a fall into luxury territory. Burning for up to 50 hours, this candle can transform the atmosphere of your bathroom into another dimension.

If you have acne or a spot blemish, the first thing you should reach for is tea tree oil. Acting as a disinfectant, when applying a couple of drops to a cotton swab and dabbed into your skin, it will seep into the pores and kill bacteria. It can also be used for oily or itchy skin.

Affordable in price but premium in quality, the TSUBAKI hair mask is applied after your hair is shampooed and conditioned, then rinsed off accordingly. To see full results, use twice a week. The formula consists of camellia oil and royal jelly that penetrates the hair using permeation technology, locking in nutrients to have your hair looking like you’ve just walked out of a salon.

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