🎁 Boston Round Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles
🎁 Pump
🎁 Spill proof caps
🎁 Chalkboard Labels

✔️UV Protection – Cobalt Blue Glass will protect liquids inside against degradation conserving the effectiveness and potency of your essential oils. Glass will not react with any chemicals or oils it contains and is BPA and LEAD free.

✔️SAVE – Money and most importantly the planet by reducing the amount of plastics that enter the landfills. Encourage yourself to go the route of refills or to make your own safe and environmentally friendly sprays. We also try to make sure most of our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

✔️MULTI-USE – Great to be used with bulk pack refills or for the DIYer that make their own cleaners and sprays for linens, carpets, rugs, windows, mirrors, bug repellant, pets, air freshening, deodorizing, washing vegetables, hair, skin or whatever you can come up with. Perfect to use with essential oils!

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