By Natalie Burg

Practicing a healthier lifestyle is easier if you’ve got a support system. Having friends and family who are on board with your wellness goals is key to that system. 

So is having a supportive environment to live in.

Here are a few improvement projects that can help build wellness into your home. 

Upgrade To Non-Toxic Flooring

Some types of vinyl flooring contain phthalates, which the EPA considers toxic. If you have older vinyl floors, it could be a good time to upgrade to newer materials that are toxin-free.

Not sure what alternative to choose? Consumer Reports recommends bamboo, wood and laminate varieties.

Make An Exercise Or Yoga Nook

A dedicated space can help you make exercise a habit. 

And a few square feet in an attic or at the end of the hall could be all you need. Get a foldable room divider to define your nook. Consider putting up some special wallpaper or other decorations to give it a sense of place. 

Make sure you have enough room to keep your preferred exercise equipment—like a yoga mat, weight bench or stationary bike—ready to go. 


Studies have found that clutter can compromise people’s perception of home and general life satisfaction.

Get your home in order with some thoughtful organization—and reap the wellness benefits. You may have a clearer head and feel more satisfaction in your own space. 

First, consider purging your home of items you don’t need. And donate what you can. 

Then evaluate the contents of each room and decide what type of organization system will best contain it all. Shop for just the right shelves, cupboards or other items to help your family maintain long-term tidiness.

Install A Hands-Free Bathroom Faucet

Looking to stop the spread of bathroom germs? 

You might have your eye on the toilet. But according to NSF International’s Household Germs survey, your bathroom sink’s faucet is the worst culprit. 

Daily cleaning is NSF’s solution. But it can’t hurt to add another cleanliness buffer: keeping your family’s hands off the sink completely. 

Those touchless faucets you’re used to seeing in public bathrooms are also available for homes. Not only could your family have less contact with germs on the sink, but the hand sensors could also help cut down on water use. 

Plan An Outdoor Space Upgrade

Winter is a great time to start planning an outdoor space your family can use like an extra room when the warm weather returns. Think breakfasts in the morning light or dinner parties under the setting sun. 

Create a list of wants and needs and craft a budget for your project. Reach out to contractors and start conversations before their spring rush begins. 

By the time the ground warms up enough for work to get underway, you’ll be first on their agenda—and ready for a sun-soaked summer.

Let The Sunlight In With Smart Blinds

There are so many benefits to sunshine. 

Moderate sun exposure has physical and mental health benefits. Plus, the more sunlight streams into your home, the less energy you may need to light and heat it. 

Installing smart blinds can help you maximize sunshine in your home without fidgeting with your windows several times a day. 

Smart blinds come in a wide variety of styles. You can program them to open and shut on schedule—or in response to a voice via your smart home system. 

Make your home a place that supports your family’s wellness this year with these health-conscious house projects. 

A former downtown development professional, Natalie Burg is a freelancer who writes about growth, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

This article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide medical or legal advice, or to indicate the availability or suitability of any product or service for your unique circumstances.

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