Whenever the season changes, having skin allergies is a very common issue. The skin becomes itchy, red and dry along with other issues. We do several things to relieve the allergies but sometimes all remedies fail. So, instead of trying different things, use essential oils to reduce the seasonal allergies. Essential oils are highly effective for seasonal allergies. So, here are some of the best essential oils for seasonal allergies.


Lavender is one of the most effective essential oils. It calms your skin irritation reducing the allergy symptoms. It reduces inflammation on the skin and prevents the enlargement of mucous cells.


It has anti-inflammatory properties which relieves congestion and seasonal allergies. Using eucalyptus in aromatherapy also can reduce the allergic symptoms.

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Tea Tree Oil

Regular usage of tea tree oil can also reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergy. However, we are yet to find out the connection between tea tree oil and seasonal allergies. Some people can really be benefitted by suing the oil, but for others, this can trigger allergy. So, do a patch test before using this on your affected area.


It can effectively reduce inflammation on the skin. You can use it on your skin directly or put it on your oil diffuser so that the oil can be dispersed in the environment and can be absorbed on your skin. During seasonal changes, use the oil regularly.


Using essential oils does not come without risks. So, if your symptoms get worse, then consult a doctor right away and stop using the oils.

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