Purify the air and get wonderful fragrances.

An essential oil diffuser is a great addition to make your home smell good, uplift your mood, and purify your home. These natural options are a welcomed alternative to store-bought air fresheners, as many are filled with harmful toxins and fragrances. 

An oil diffuser, also known as an aromatherapy diffuser, should be considered investments, much like household objects or entertainment.

Says Certified Aromatherapist for Way of Will, Jean Liao, “Aside from the abundance of captivating scents, the outright benefit of essential oils and diffusers can capture this easily while allowing you to maximize on enhancing and restoring one’s well-being… Diffusers come in all shapes and forms, where some utilize heat, water, air or pressure to disperse essential oils. This variation not only allows users to experiment with different blends, but also finding a diffuser that caters to their specific needs or their environment.”

The best oil diffuser will definitely play a role in your health, making it a worthwhile investment if you don’t want to compromise the quality or effectiveness of your essential oils.

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There are different types of oil diffusers, but their primary use is to disperse essential oils into the air, emitting wonderful fragrances and purifying the air. These diffuser variations (Nebulizer, Ultrasonic, Heat, and Evaporative), and all come with unique benefits and limitations:

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