On the diva’s birthday lets all aim to get soft skin and silky hair like hers with these super-effective products!

Katrina Kaif has managed to amaze the audience and set a mark since the time she has set foot into the industry. Apart from her progressive acting skills and mesmerising dancing skills, the actress is known for her fitness and naturally glowing skin. She looks just as awestrucking without her makeup as she does with her makeup. Her luminescent skin and her long luscious hair is the result of her beauty regime. She always makes sure to take care of her skin on and off sets in order to keep it healthy and glowing all the time. Now get skin and hair like Katrina Kaif with these products that the actress makes sure to use regularly. 


Cleansing Beauty Oil 

Since Katrina uses a whole lot of makeup products at work, she ensures to remove all her makeup post work with a cleansing beauty oil. She never hits the bed without removing her makeup. Enriched with macadamia nut oil and sweet almond oil, this oil cleanser is designed to gently dissolve makeup and skin impurities while moisturising, nourishing and brightening your skin. The oil works wonders on the skin especially around the pollution and stress we face.


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Night Cream 

After removing her makeup, Katrina ensures to apply a night cream that will repair her skin overnight. This night cream from Lakme not only repairs your skin but will also moisturise it and give it a radiant glow. It balances out the skin tone and brightens the skin tone in no time. 


Price: Rs.349

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Face Wash 

Katrina washes her face at least twice a day and prefers to use a face wash that washes away impurities from her face and unclogs pores. This face wash is enriched with a bio-intel system that disrupts biofilms formed by acne-causing bacteria. It unclogs pores, removes excess oil and helps heal blemishes. 


Price: Rs.404

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Cleansing Milk 

Katrina relies on a good-quality cleansing milk to cleanse her face during the day. This cleansing milk is infused with the goodness of avocado oil and lemon that is known for its antioxidants properties that conditions the skin. It cleanses and nourishes the skin and makes the skin feel visibly cleansed and purified. 


Price: Rs.154

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Before stepping out during the day, Katrina applies a good sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun. Embrace the rays of the sun without a worry with this SPF 50+ sunscreen. It is waterproof and sweatproof, and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. This lightweight matte finish sunscreen is suitable for all skin types ranging from oily and dry. To top it all, it is suitable for all seasons be it summer, winter or rains, it does not clog the pores and lets the skin breathe freely. 


Price: Rs.245

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Mineral Mud Masks 

When it comes to pampering her skin a little more, Katrina uses a mineral mud mask which deeply purifies and hydrates the skin. This beautiful dead sea mud mask helps fight pimples, acne and blackheads. This mud mask consists of activated charcoal that exfoliates, detoxes and removes impurities from skin which clogs pores. This mask helps to get rid of toxins and also protects against visible signs of ageing. 


Price: Rs.355

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Heat Protectant Spray 

Since her hair gets styled using heat styling tools, Katrina always uses a heat protectant spray. This weightless pre styling hair protection hair mist, shields the hair from heat up to 230 degree celsius. Enriched with moisture locking provitamin B5, and grape seed oil, this spray fights frizz, detangles the hair and makes it smell great. 


Price: Rs.413

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Hair Serum 

The secret to Katrina’s soft, smooth and silky hair is that she always applies a nourishing hair serum after washing her hair. This non-sticky hair serum is made from a blend of six rare floral oils that provides hydration to the hair and seals moisture in the hair cuticle. This serum will add life to your hair and will make it softer and shinier. 


Price: Rs.435

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Leave-In Conditioner 

Katrina steers clear of split ends and other hair problems by never stepping out of the house without some leave-in conditioner. This leave-in conditioner will deliver instant detangling, conditioning and care, all at the same time. It deeply conditions and cares for your hair to help you achieve the smooth, shiny, manageable look that reflects your unique beauty. 


Price: Rs.424

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Hair Pack 

Lastly, Katrina also uses hair pack treatments from time to time to nourish her hair and restore their shine. This organic hair pack is made from a herbal formula and is especially formulated for dry, brittle and damaged hair. It effectively promotes hair growth and gives your hair natural conditioning along with providing nourishment to the scalp. 



Price: Rs. 479

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